Campaign platform

I am running for town council in Greater Napanee. I am prepared to commit myself to this role, with the support of my wife and 3 teenage children, as well as the people who work for me on our farm.
I believe in sound financial responsibility, to provide the needs of our town within the tax base we have. I believe in keeping open communication with the residents and businesses in our community to keep clear understanding of the various issues facing our town. I believe in gathering all relevant information before making informed decisions. I believe we need to learn from the past, to move forward remembering where we came from. I want to keep our “small town” while allowing this community to continue to grow, to give opportunity to our children here in the future.
I am running for council in Ward 2; the ward I live in and farm in.

In the hat!

As of August 28, I have officially entered my name as a candidate for town council, Ward 2, for Greater Napanee!

I am excited to offer myself for this role, to represent the area that I have always called home.  I represent the history of this ward with a keen eye on the future?

I have my family’s support and the freedthe of being self-employed on the farm.  I have leadership experience from several different farm and community organizations, as well, I have it in my genes as both my parents, Eric and Mary, were active in their own ways in the past.

Thank you for your support!