Please watch closely…

I have not yet decided when we shall open.   I am thinking Wednesday or Thursday.

Either way we shall be charging $1.50/pound which means you can bring containers of any sort to pick in or we will have some empty baskets available for purchase to pick in to.

We do NOT have Interac, so please remember to bring cash; a typical 4l basket of berries will cost around $6.50-$7 as a guideline (depending on how full you heap them!).  The empty baskets are $1 each.

This site supports mobile operating systems and has a map page to help you get here if you need it!

I hope that helps; we look forward to seeing you in the patch.


Happy Father’s Day

So, it has been one week of picking and it is still going great!  Picking continues to be plentiful, the berries are many and tasty!  Peas are ready, too.

Hope to see you in the patch; don’t forget to check the hours!

Check out the story about the goodness of strawberries!