Victoria Day weekend

Well many people are thinking about gardens and summer time about now.  So, how about an update on the “berry patch”.

The strawberries are uncovered from the winter’s straw blanket and growing well.  They look to have faired well, as I expected based on this past winter’s weather.  We planted new plants last week and Mother Nature has watered them twice for us so far!!  Early blooms are beginning to appear so I would expect a typical opening date somewhere before the 15th of June.

I’ll try to keep more timely updates flowing from here on to opening day…


Hoppy Easter!!

some tidbits…

Usually the best run for Maple Syrup comes on this weekend.

Scheduled as the first Sunday following the first full moon following the spring equinox, Easter falls between March 22 and April 25th.

Passover or Pesach (Hebrew) is the Jewish festival celebrating the story of Exodus.

Eostre is a Goddess in Germanic Paganism and the namesake of Easter.

Happy Father’s Day

So, it has been one week of picking and it is still going great!  Picking continues to be plentiful, the berries are many and tasty!  Peas are ready, too.

Hope to see you in the patch; don’t forget to check the hours!

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