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Since 1969, Eric Kaiser has been farming Kaiser Lake Farms on Hay Bay in the beautiful Quinte region of Ontario. Since 1992, Eric’s son, Max, has been farming Kaiser Lake Farms too. Producing eggs and feed and cash crops, the farm is a showcase of innovative techniques such as crop rotation, grass waterways, and no-till soil management. The Kaisers also offer pick-your-own strawberries in the early summer.
It is the Kaisers’ intention to continue to farm sustainably by cycling nutrients between the chickens and crops. Only a minimum amount of additional inputs are needed to makeup for what the crops remove and the chickens cannot give back! Managing everything we can, with only the weather beyond our control, we strive to maximize our production and minimize our risks.


6 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Hi Max
    Carole here, (faithful strawberry picker). This is a great website and the pictures are beautiful! I have definitely saved this website as one of my favourites!!

  2. Hi Max
    I had a chat with Herman from Richmond Ditching this morning. he was up getting some readings on a field we want to tile. I asked if he had found any problems with tillage radish on tile drains. He said to contact you as you had been using this cover crop. We are located on Huff’s Island (Prince Edward County) just south of Belleville and have heavy clay similar to your area. We have seeded some radish this past week for the first time and have stayed away for the most part from where we know the tile drains are for this year.
    Thanks for any thoughts and experience you may have.
    George Black
    Quinte Isle Farms

  3. Möchte anfragen ob bei ihnen noch ein Job in der Landwirtschaft zu besetzen ist. Habe schon bei Walch&Konzelmann in Ontario Stratfort gearbeitet, währe intresiert auf ihrer Landwirtschaft eine neue herausforderung zu finden

    Bitte um Rückmeldung

    God bless you Ralf Krieg.

    • Hello Ralf,
      I do not speak German, but I think I understand some of your message. We are located in south eastern Ontario, near Kingston. I am not familiar with the name of the business you included, this is your brother? If I figure out how to translate this, I may try to better respond…

      Apologies for being so long…

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