Our Location

Located in the beautiful Quinte region of Ontario….

Using an iPhone or iPad? Click here to open the map in Google Maps on your device! (Psssst…. you can use this link on your PC or Mac, too! Look for the green arrow…)


Aerial Photo of Kaiser Lake Farms - Viewed looking toward the north with Hay Bay in the foreground. You can see the pullet barns, grain elevator and workshops at the lower centre near the shore. The layer barn is in the northwest corner of the farm. (Click the image for a high resolution version)

7 thoughts on “Our Location

    • sorry for my tardiness, this administration thing is new to me! by now you may already know that we do NOT have Interac. cash only. thanks for finding this site and giving us the comment, i now have that info on the “strawberries” page.


    • Hey there,
      I updated the site to include a tentative opening of Wednesday or Thursday (18 or 19). Thanks for asking and prompting me to do that! Hope to see you at the patch!

  1. Hi
    Scott Banks of OMAFRA suggested I contact you. We were wondering if we could arrange a visit for Harvest Hastings members to Kaiser Lake Farms to learn about cover crops and how you use them. Scot,t and Dale Ketcheson who is on the board of Harvest Hastings, thought some time in September could be a good.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Take care
    Louise Livingstone Harvest Hastings co-ordinator
    613 395 4388

  2. HI Max
    I haven’t heard back from you about the proposed Harvest Hastings visit to Kaiser Lake Farms on September 11 at 2 p.m. to look at how you and Eric use cover crops, Please let me know if this is still convenient for you? Congratulations for putting you name in for council.
    Take care
    613 395 4388

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