Picking in 2015

Well we had a slightly late start. Picking has been good, but our patch is smaller than it should be! We are making plans to improve that for next year so that we can have more of the good picking we want!
This season is nearing the end. If you are planning to come try to get here today, the 26th, as it is likely to rain all weekend and that will be the end for 2015 picking.
Thanks for all of you who have come back to us again this year and those of you who found us for the first time, too!
The Kaisers

Thank You

I would like to expressly sincere thanks for all the support I received for my bid to become councillor for Greater Napanee.

Also, I thank Dave and Peter, who ran for the same seat, I have nothing but respect for each of you.

Now comes the time I was most hoping for, the chance to take a seat at Council and work for the best interests of Our town!


Campaign platform

I am running for town council in Greater Napanee. I am prepared to commit myself to this role, with the support of my wife and 3 teenage children, as well as the people who work for me on our farm.
I believe in sound financial responsibility, to provide the needs of our town within the tax base we have. I believe in keeping open communication with the residents and businesses in our community to keep clear understanding of the various issues facing our town. I believe in gathering all relevant information before making informed decisions. I believe we need to learn from the past, to move forward remembering where we came from. I want to keep our “small town” while allowing this community to continue to grow, to give opportunity to our children here in the future.
I am running for council in Ward 2; the ward I live in and farm in.

In the hat!

As of August 28, I have officially entered my name as a candidate for town council, Ward 2, for Greater Napanee!

I am excited to offer myself for this role, to represent the area that I have always called home.  I represent the history of this ward with a keen eye on the future?

I have my family’s support and the freedthe of being self-employed on the farm.  I have leadership experience from several different farm and community organizations, as well, I have it in my genes as both my parents, Eric and Mary, were active in their own ways in the past.

Thank you for your support!

Last day of picking for 2014 season

With thanks for those who visited our patch, we will be open for Friday July 4th from 8-5 and that will be our last day.
Picking was good, but the number f rows was less than we wanted due to weather in 2013.
We planted more this year and should be picking a more normal size patch for 2015. So remember to check in next spring and look forward to picking again in June next year!
Thanks again!


Mixed blessings

Due to a strong turnout of pickers, we will, once again, need to close up for a couple days to allow the plants to “catch up”!
I think we should be able to open for Canada Day from 8-4 and we will welcome pickers for a few days after that as well.
Please call (613-354-3018) or check back here for updates…
Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.