Please watch closely…

I have not yet decided when we shall open.   I am thinking Wednesday or Thursday.

Either way we shall be charging $1.50/pound which means you can bring containers of any sort to pick in or we will have some empty baskets available for purchase to pick in to.

We do NOT have Interac, so please remember to bring cash; a typical 4l basket of berries will cost around $6.50-$7 as a guideline (depending on how full you heap them!).  The empty baskets are $1 each.

This site supports mobile operating systems and has a map page to help you get here if you need it!

I hope that helps; we look forward to seeing you in the patch.


About a week to go…

2013 fawn, perhaps just days old, kinda wobbly!

Starting to see some colour on early berries, so I am thinking we will open for picking late next week.  I had been thinking of mid-week, but the forecast is calling for 4-5 straight days of wet and cool weather, so…

I am pretty sure we will be picking by the 15th of June.

May 22…

A dark and ominous sky which dumped up to 50mm or more, but not here.  We got 2mm from this one.

So the rule of thumb is that strawberries take 3 weeks from bloom to berry.  look for us to open on or after the 10th of June, 2013!


January 2013

Well, winter has us in its grasp.  The strawberries got their winter cover (chopped straw) back in December, and look to be having a decent winter.  We haven’t had ice in the fields and that bodes well for winter survival of berries and wheat.  Looking forward to spring and getting on to our “new land” – although we have already been quite busy over there!!

Mid-summer update

Well it has been very busy since strawberries!

Wheat has all been harvested; straw has been put up for the strawberries.  I got right into manure, got that done in 9 days spread over 15 days.  Cover crop seed was incorporated into the manure ground and then it FINALLY rained.  AND, all of that was done earlier than any previous year!!

Don’t forget to plan for the Rotary Barn Dance and Pig/Corn Roast on the last Saturday in August!

ps:  Sweet corn is on!

Strawberries are done for 2012

It was en excellent year until all that heat.  30+ for a couple days with high humidity and a few more days of hot sun were too much for the pickers to keep up with.  The berries ripened quickly and the season rapidly ended.

However, we were open for 17 days which is rather average.  We were pleased with the run of it, and I think we saw a lot of new pickers to our patch.

Thanks to all!

Next up:  Wheat harvest.  Then Manure spreading!!


Last Day for Strawberries

We are open today (8 to noon, and 4 to 8).  There are a lot that are overripe, but if you need one last treat, come on out.

If you miss out today, bookmark this site for next year and start checking at the end of May for opening dates.

Thanks to everyone who came out this season!

The End is Nigh

Tuesday June 26 will be the last day for picking for 2012.  The heat and sun has Ripened the berries to the point that we won”t be able to stay open any longer than today and tommorow.  Hope you got your fill but, if you need one last shot of fresh Strawberries then you better get out right away!

Thanks to all who discovered our site and check back next spring to be ready for Picking once again!


Midway through Picking

This will be our last weekend of picking for 2012.

Due to the excessive heat, the berries are going to shoot right past ripe!

We will have good conditions for picking this weekend, but, by early next week, I expect conditions to decline rapidly as berries will ripen faster than they are likely to be picked!  :(

Thanks to all of you who have found our site (both virtual and physical!!).

So, don”t wait much longer…  come out and enjoy some Great Berries!  (and peas too)