A Leading GMO Opponent Changes Heart, Completely!

It is a bit of a long read, but he makes some very powerful statements condemning Organic-style agriculture and, subsequently, promoting current leading-edge agricultural practices.  Please focus on the concluding statements if nothing else.


In my opinion, we need to focus on “sustainable production” regardless of what production style we choose to support.

Soil and Crop

Well, my time on the provincial board of Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association is over.  I do not intend to sound happy; it has been a siginificant commitment that kept me occupied for 8 years!  it is just a big chunk of reality to have this time come to an end.

It was quite an honour to have been able to serve as the head of that prestigious Board for 2011 and to have shared that time with the individuals who also have given their time to it.  Thanks to all who contributed to make this possible for me, especially my family including Jessica and our kids and Dad.