Picking Hours This Weekend

Our usual weekend hours are 8-5, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Picking conditions are excellent now, but if picking traffic is heavy, we may not stay open all weekend. If we are able to stay open, we will observe our normal weekday hours of 8-12 and 4-8 on Monday, but use our weekend hours of 8-5 on Tuesday.
Check back for updates, or call 613-354-3018.
Hope to see you in the patch…

Wednesday June 26

Picking is excellent with lots of berries and decent size.
We are open today and expect to go through the weekend; weather and volume of pickers may change that.
The forecast suggests it will be warm and sunny after today so the conditions will be great for picking but also will speed up ripening…
I hope to see you in the patch…

Reopening this afternoon!

We could open this morning, but due to forecasted rain and possible thunderstorms, we will open at 4 for our usual afternoon hours of 4-8.

We regret having to close for these couple days midway through picking season; the traffic in our first few days was just too much to keep up to with our reduced acres.

Thanks for your patience…

Sunday hours

Due to family activities, we will be closing at NOON on Sunday for the rest of that day only. We will be open for our regular hours again on Monday.
Thanks for your understanding, and I hope it does not inconvenience you!20140621-091946-33586096.jpg

First day of summer!

Welcome to summer, 2014!

We are picking for day 3.  Conditions are good and the berries are great; however, due to weather conditions last spring and again this past winter, our acres are down a bit.  Please check in or call before heading out just in case case we have to close for a day or two!

So come on out and meet the farmers who are growing this wonderful, summertime food!  Pick strawberries fresh from the patch…


Friday in the patch

Well, it’s day two for picking. Picking is excellent; however, due to an excessively wet May in 2013, followed by a challenging winter, we are down to only about 3 acres for picking. It is possible, if traffic through the patch is heavy, that we may have to close for a day or two to allow the berries to catch up!
That said, please make sure to check in prior to heading out…

Opening Thursday June 19, 2014

We are opening Thursday for picking.

Remember we are only “pick your own”, you can use any container you have or we have some baskets for purchase.  Berries will cost $1.50/pound.  Peas are coming, but not ready yet.

Picking hours are from 8-12 and 4-8 Monday to Thursday, and then all day 8-5 Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Remember to bring cash because we do nto support debit or credit card payments.

Hope to see you in the patch…